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Your patient-centered healthcare provider

Medina Nursing Services LLC is a locally owned and operated provider of home health care in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has served the greater Cincinnati area since 2009. We have been committed to providing nursing care for our community’s most vulnerable populations. Nursing care is provided in concert with evidence-based nursing practice. MNS serves all ages, faiths, ethnic backgrounds, disabilities, and genders.

Medina Nursing Services LLC strives to help individuals and families achieve the best possible health outcomes through developing patient-centered plans of care. Culturally competent nursing care is essential as the demographics in U.S. communities change, so we are invested in using the tools and strategies needed to meet the healthcare demands of our changing society.

Nurses have the potential to be invaluable resources through collaboration with numerous sorts of agencies to address public and environmental health concerns in a community. These problems, termed social determinants of health, are conditions in which individuals reside, labor and play. Awareness of the communal, political, and fiscal programs that produce these conditions can result in nursing activities that take a more in-depth path to look for solutions that alleviate continuing inequalities. MSN LLC is committed to finding and implementing these solutions.

At MNS LLC, nurses use innovative ideas separate from the hospital and other clinical settings and are confident that the talents we possess can be given to community-centered undertakings. By participating with a not-for-profit community organization through encouraging the use of best nursing practices, we can fortify the MNS LLC capabilities while enriching the lives and well-being of the communities, which our nurses serve.

Our Mission Statement

Medina Nursing Services LLC is dedicated to advancing the emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being of its patients and communities. We are invested in seeing our patients, families, and communities reach the best health outcomes.

Our commitment is to deliver health care that is compassionate, competent, culturally diverse, and medically evidence-based. We are devoted to providing care to individuals regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or illness. We are dedicated to treating each person served with respect, dignity, and honesty. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have in regards to your treatment and care.

caregiver giving an elder woman a tea
elder woman with caregiver outdoors

Our Vision Statement

The vision of Medina Nursing Services LLC is to provide superior nursing services by continually raising our care standards. This vision is retained by providing skilled caregivers with integrity, individual dignity, cultural competency, and compassion.