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The Benefits of Early Admission to Hospice Care

The Benefits of Early Admission to Hospice Care

In most cases, delayed admission to hospice care occurs because both physicians and patients believe it is only appropriate during the last few days of life. However, hospice offers several advantages that patients can benefit from throughout the course of their illness. Hence, many providers of home health care in Cincinnati, Ohio, recommend early admission to hospice.

As a trusted provider of medical nursing services in Ohio, we will discuss the benefits of early admission to hospice care:

  • Access to medical supplies and equipment.
    With early admission to hospice, patients and their families receive the provision of necessary medical supplies and equipment. This may include a hospital bed, wheelchair, or commode to manage the patient’s needs with greater ease. Access to these medical supplies can also help caregivers better accommodate the patient’s needs.
  • Better pain management and symptom control.
    Hospice care provides individualized management of pain and other symptoms. Through an early admission, the hospice staff can get to know the patient’s needs better. This allows them to adjust the patient’s medication for added relief and comfort.
  • Bereavement support for the family.
    Hospice also offers several benefits to the patient’s family. In addition to respite care, hospice care can include bereavement support. This lessens the overall grief that family members experience.

Medina Nursing Services LLC is a leading provider of home health care. We are dedicated to improving your health and quality of life through exceptional home health care services. Reach out to us to learn more about medication administration classes and on how to arrange hospice care for a loved one.

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