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Home Care: Administering Medications Correctly


Medina Nursing Services LLC strives to address the needs of many older people who want to remain as independent as possible in their homes by providing home health care in Cincinnati, Ohio.

To ensure your older loved ones’ long-term health, you must carefully plan for their needs and safety while living independently.

One of the critical components of safe senior care is to ensure that your family members take their medications correctly, since even the most active people may have difficulty following complicated prescription schedules and instructions.

In some cases, patients and caregivers administering drugs at home often contribute to most medication errors. According to some studies on caregiver medication errors, the most common mistakes are dosage errors, omissions, and wrongly administered medications.

That’s why carers need to gain more knowledge and skills in administering medications for their patients and know when to collaborate with their doctors if there are any other issues with their prescriptions.

Our agency provides intensive training and programs for healthcare professionals, including medication administration classes, to improve their skills and secure career paths in healthcare.

We’re also committed to providing you or your loved ones with high-quality medical nursing services in Ohio and maintaining your well-being for the better.

For further information about our services, you may reach us at 513-601-1579 or

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