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Telltale Signs You Should Look Into Respite Care


Are you looking after an elderly loved one at home? If so, you are not alone. Approximately 53 million Americans provide unpaid care for loved ones, with about 41.8 million looking after loved ones ages 50 or older. Although taking on the role of a family caregiver is rewarding, it can also become overwhelming as time passes. Hence, many turn to home health care in Cincinnati, Ohio, to help look after their loved one’s needs.

As a trusted provider of medical nursing services in Ohio, we will discuss the signs that indicate a need for respite care:

  • Becoming Impatient or Irritable
    Caregivers are inherently patient individuals, so if you notice your patience starting to wear thin, it may be time to take a break. You may find yourself becoming agitated more easily or frustrated with some aspects of caregiving that you previously took in stride.
  • Declining Health
    The accumulated stress of looking after a loved one can take a toll on your physical health. Caregiving can result in unhealthy dietary habits, lack of exercise, and poor sleep. If you have experienced unhealthy weight gain or loss, injury, or high blood pressure, as a result of caregiving, it is a sign you need to spend more time on self-care.
  • Exhibiting Depression
    Guilt, anger, sadness, and resentment are all normal and common feelings experienced by family members providing care. If you find it increasingly harder to manage these emotions, your own needs should take priority.

Medina Nursing Services LLC is a trusted provider of home health care. In addition to medication administration classes, we offer in-home services that range from respite care to private duty nursing. Schedule an assessment with us to discuss your loved one’s unique needs.

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